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Declining Natural Science Can Become Trouble for Society

According to University of Washington Professor and WWF International scientist Joshua Tewksbury, support for natural history, both private and government, is lacking. Natural history, which studies the habitat, behaviour and ecosystem of organisms, appears to be in steep decline in many developed countries, according to Tewksbury. He, along with 16 other North American scientists have [...]

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Study Shows Meaty Diets Could Actually Kill

Bodybuilders and athletes value high protein diets because it helps them develop muscle and strength, but a recent study may debunk the idea that proteins, if used properly, can make you live longer. The study, which involved 6,381 individuals above 50 years old, showed that those who consumed lots of milk, eggs and meat are [...]

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Science, Injuries and Your Right to Earn Compensation

I’ve been working in a cosmetics manufacturing laboratories for ages and I would not forget one incident involving my colleague. She was testing a new shampoo compound from our laboratory. The next day, having accidentally poured some of the untested compound on her fingers, they started to feel pale and dry. Soon, they had blisters. [...]

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NASA Currently With 58 Science Instrument Proposals for New Mars Rover

Despite the success of first NASA Mars Rover Curiosity, NASA plans to launch another one in 2020 choosing from one of the 58 proposals for its design and uses. According to NASA, this was double than the number usually submitted for instrument competitions, and that writing these proposals are never easy as these consume time [...]

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Some of the Most Amazing Scientific Discoveries in 2013

Another year ends and scientists rejoice at the discoveries professional researchers have discovered all over the world. Here is a list of the most astounding science discoveries and milestones in 2013. 1. Voyager 1 Reaches Interstellar Space The NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft is the first spacecraft to leave the solar system, which is beyond Pluto. [...]

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How Technology Could Possibly Be The Best Future Investment

It only took two decades for the world to have a superior communications technology that is cost-effective and powerful. The internet is the epicentre of all communication activities, and according to technology experts, it has opened a wide range of information and development for further technological studies. For businessmen, this is probably the best time [...]

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India’s Government Cuts on Science Causes Great Protest


India’s Eminent Scientist CNR Rao said that he was frustrated with the great cuts the Indian government had allocated for science and research in the country. He called politicians “idiots” for the lower research grants. He spoke about policymakers in his residence at the Indian Institute of Science. The cuts in funding had been approved [...]

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Dogs Could Possibly Tell More About Owner’s Health

A dog’s physical and emotional dependence on their owner is likely a good sign about the entire well-being of the owner’s health. The obvious signs of irregular feeding schedule, less walks and play, and general unhappy behaviour could mean the owner needs help. In the UK, scientists have begun to study dog behaviour by use [...]

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The Financial Ombudsman Gets Record PPI Complaint Numbers

The PPI claims scandal actually increased to record heights during the first quarter of 2013 with over 327,000 new complaints, 15% than the previous year. In the second quarter, the Financial Ombudsman reported that it received at least 226,000 PPI complaints, 26% above the previous year’s number of complaints. This signified that banks and financial [...]

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Japanese Epsilon Rocket Aims to Make Space Missions Low in Cost

With artificial intelligence and half the size of Japan’s usual space apparatus, the Epsilon rocket launched Saturday only costs £23 million to produce and develop, lowering the cost of Japan’s previous space missions by the same amount. The Epsilon’s first mission was to carry a telescope that would observe local terrestrial planets Venus, Mars, and [...]

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