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May, 2012

Climate Changes Expected Due to Methane Release in the Arctic


Scientists mention that the part of the world most affected by global warming, the Arctic circle, released methane gas. The gas is said to have been stored in the eyes for millions of years since the earth’s early days. Scientists mention that methane can have impacts on today’s problem of global warming, possibly accelerating its [...]

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Ways The World Disposes of Plastic Bags


Plastic bags are the number one enemy of the environment. They are pollutants when burned. They can accumulate and block sewage passages, causing floods in cities and even in areas they end up appearing. Most of all they kill animal and plant life who consume them and their toxic chemical composition. Knowing the proper ways [...]

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Saving the Environment and Your Money On Fuel Usage


The high prices of fuel is one of the biggest troubles all over the world nowadays. Fuel comes from deep inside the earth. It is considered a very essential product required to mobilize the daily workforce and economy of every country in the world. However, after centuries it was discovered, the fuel consumption of the [...]

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