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June, 2012

Barclays Fined Record Amount

The news that Barclays has been handed a record £290m fine for attempted manipulation of interest rates is yet another blow to the already under fire banking industry. The recent RBS computer glitch, coupled with public distaste regarding over-inflated bonuses, has already shaken up the industry, and one wonders what other skeletons lie in the [...]

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What We Should Expect to See Before 2021


In the year 2012, we’ve seen many sci fi movies that have holographic computers and screens moving in the air. The year 2012 is also a great year for technological advancement seeing the new gadgets and improvisations to the current computer and communication technology worldwide. However, scientists are looking further into the future. They estimate [...]

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How You Are Exactly Mis Sold PPI By Financial Advisers

Mis Sold PPI

Many UK citizens trust their financial advisers in dictating what’s best for their financial situation. Most people don’t have time to think about how their financing is doing, how their financial situation is as they leave it to their financial advisers to manage. However, if your trusted financial adviser is working on a commission basis, [...]

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The Theoretical Environmental Technologies for a Sustainable Future


The planet Earth is the home of any person in the planet. Its resources allowed the prosperity of the human race. However, as the human population increased, so did the consumption of these resources. The changes man did to Earth has led to many environmental problems. This is why, to reduce the consumption of resources, [...]

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The Future of Electric Vehicles: Electricity Storage


Many environmentalists nowadays fear that the greenhouse gases are continuously accumulating because of excessive vehicle usage all over the world. The culminating effect of these greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. Recently, this article showed the consequences of global warming if not attended to as soon as possible. The world would possibly be better with [...]

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