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July, 2012

PPI Claiming Made Simple By Consumer Group

PPI Claims Made Simple

Which?, the consumer group who first discovered the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, has confirmed that banks and PPI providers have agreed to let customers directly make a claim to their establishments. The PPI claims process was made simple as Which? and other groups believed the PPI claims process to be unnecessarily complicated. The Financial [...]

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The Higgs Boson: Why It Is a Significant Discovery for 2012


The Standard Model, developed by physicists in the early 1970′s, was revolutionized by the scientists’ discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. The Higgs Boson, also known as the “God Particle”, can resolve many mysteries about how the universe works. Scientists have been searching for the particle for almost 50 years, and now, the discovery was [...]

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Can Blackle Really Save LCD Monitor Energy Consumption?


A special search engine, Blackle, claims that computer monitors use lesser energy by displaying blacker screens. While it claims to have save many megawatt hours with the use of its website, it might only remain true for the CRT models. Black screens are often said to save more energy in smart phones and computer monitors. [...]

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A Post-PC World: Why The PC Thrives Against Technologically-Advanced Competition


The development of new technologies such as Apple’s iPad, iPhone and Mac laptops have enabled many users to enjoy powerful features that ultimately go past the personal computer or PC. Today, the technological trend with regards to computers is to go smaller. Mobile devices with the capability to function like desktop computers are generally favored [...]

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