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August, 2012

Reducing Water Pollution: The Basic Steps


Earth’s biggest blessing to mankind is a rich supply of resources. With human bodies made of 70% water, every human is dependent Earth’s large supply of water. But industrial and business wastes have polluted much of the bodies of water in the planet nowadays. Conserving water and reducing water pollution is important for the preservation [...]

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The Emerging Possibilities for Light Propulsion


The success of NASA’s Curiosity Rover stunned the entire world after using unmanned means of delivering the exploration rover into the planet Mars unattended for 8 months. While unmanned delivery of robots on the planet was achieved before, carrying a larger load, in the form of the Curiosity Rover, meant utilization of new technologies. One [...]

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A Policy of PPI Claim Shows Your Real Love

Sometimes we feel confused what to buy for our beloved. We try to impress them with some expensive gifts, may be a diamond ring or may be some sweet fragrance of denim. Such gifts are too much materialistic. It is a fact that gifting something means to make the person feel special. This is why [...]

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