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September, 2012

eXtreme Deep Field Photo Shows the Deepest View of the Galaxy Ever Seen


Scientists at NASA who have compiled a “best of” compilation of shots they have collected from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope reveal the farthest view that humanity has of space. The assembled photo taken from a patch at the center of the original Hubble Ultra Deep Field view shows thousands of galaxies from the nearest [...]

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Climate Change Affects Coral Reefs All Over the World


The rising temperature caused by global warming is slowly affecting the growth and lives of coral reefs. The warmer sea surface temperatures are slowly causing coral bleaching in some areas of the sea nowadays. Experts only estimate that around 2 out 3 corals might be safe because of the continuous climate changes all over the [...]

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Science and Existence: What Mars Curiosity’s Success Might Mean to Humanity


The science community has made a great feat this year by landing the Mars Curiosity rover successfully into Martian soil. Curiosity is a rover designed to collect samples, observe the climate in Mars and try to find microbiological life forms in the planet, if any. Recently, it has sent images of the Martian terrain as [...]

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