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November, 2012

How to Work Effectively With a PPI Claims Expert?

UK Money

Most claims management companies know that you could make a payment protection insurance claim on your own, but there are cases where you will need expert help to make best of the situation. are fantastic at handling multiple claims simultaneously, when your insurance policy’s repayments for more than six years were written off or [...]

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Scotch-Tape The New Smart Material for Capturing Bacteria


Doctoral student Manuel Ochoa of Purdue university found another good use for the scotch tape instead of just having paper and gift-wrapping stick properly; he finds the scotch tape useful for getting bacteria and pollen samples. An experiment was performed by a team of researchers using the scotch tape, which reveals it to make a [...]

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DNA Genetic Mosaic Discovery Disproves Identical DNA Pattern In All Cells


Through the usage of genome sequencing, Dr. Flora Vaccarino, a Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center, and her team discovered that not all DNA in every cell in the body is identical. The study, which serves as a pre-cursor to future plans of studying the developing brains of humans and [...]

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Flickering Advanced Stone Age Technologies Show Historical Modern Human Evolution


Researchers working at the south coast of South Africa uncovered evidence for an advanced stone age technology that is around 71,000 years old at Pinnacle Point near the Mossel Bay. The weapon’s development allowed projectiles to be catapulted at great distance with minimal danger and greater killing power. More than the development of the weapon, [...]

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