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February, 2013

New Whiplash Compensation Guidelines For 2014

Car-Accident (1)

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged that the UK government will aid the insurance industry in cracking down fraudulent whiplash compensation claims all over the country, which has pushed up premiums by 80% since October, adding £118 to every motorist’s insurance. With the insurance industry, losing £2 billion, the Ministry of Justice plans to abolish the [...]

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Dennis Tito Unveils Plans for Private Mars Voyage Today

Dennis Tito, an American businessman who visited the International Space Station as one of the few “Space Tourists” in the world, will unveil his plans for a Mars Voyage care of his Inspiration Mars Foundation. His press conference, which would be held at the Washington, D.C.’s national Press Club today, will include the businessman, the [...]

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The PPI Claims Deadline: The Good and The Bad

Just before deadline

Undeniably, the hottest issue in the UK today is what will happen if the Financial Services Authority (FSA) considered finalizing the PPI claims deadline on April 2014. Consumer groups and critics flared the city watchdog for considering the deadline proposal of both the British Banking Association (BBA) and the Confederation of British Industries (CBI). Critics [...]

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