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The Financial Ombudsman Gets Record PPI Complaint Numbers

The PPI claims scandal actually increased to record heights during the first quarter of 2013 with over 327,000 new complaints, 15% than the previous year. In the second quarter, the Financial Ombudsman reported that it received at least 226,000 PPI complaints, 26% above the previous year’s number of complaints. This signified that banks and financial [...]

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The PPI Claims Deadline: The Good and The Bad

Just before deadline

Undeniably, the hottest issue in the UK today is what will happen if the Financial Services Authority (FSA) considered finalizing the PPI claims deadline on April 2014. Consumer groups and critics flared the city watchdog for considering the deadline proposal of both the British Banking Association (BBA) and the Confederation of British Industries (CBI). Critics [...]

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PPI News: “We Are Not Impressed With Banks’ Performance” – FOS

Financial Ombudsman Chief Natalie Ceeney states that the FOS is not satisfied with the way banks are handling PPI claims consumers directly filed to their complaints departments. Around 7 out of 10 rejected bank claims were valid according to the FOS, which had the organization accuse banks of delaying and trying to slow down the [...]

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How to Work Effectively With a PPI Claims Expert?

UK Money

Most claims management companies know that you could make a payment protection insurance claim on your own, but there are cases where you will need expert help to make best of the situation. are fantastic at handling multiple claims simultaneously, when your insurance policy’s repayments for more than six years were written off or [...]

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A Policy of PPI Claim Shows Your Real Love

Sometimes we feel confused what to buy for our beloved. We try to impress them with some expensive gifts, may be a diamond ring or may be some sweet fragrance of denim. Such gifts are too much materialistic. It is a fact that gifting something means to make the person feel special. This is why [...]

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PPI Claiming Made Simple By Consumer Group

PPI Claims Made Simple

Which?, the consumer group who first discovered the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, has confirmed that banks and PPI providers have agreed to let customers directly make a claim to their establishments. The PPI claims process was made simple as Which? and other groups believed the PPI claims process to be unnecessarily complicated. The Financial [...]

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Barclays Fined Record Amount

The news that Barclays has been handed a record £290m fine for attempted manipulation of interest rates is yet another blow to the already under fire banking industry. The recent RBS computer glitch, coupled with public distaste regarding over-inflated bonuses, has already shaken up the industry, and one wonders what other skeletons lie in the [...]

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How You Are Exactly Mis Sold PPI By Financial Advisers

Mis Sold PPI

Many UK citizens trust their financial advisers in dictating what’s best for their financial situation. Most people don’t have time to think about how their financing is doing, how their financial situation is as they leave it to their financial advisers to manage. However, if your trusted financial adviser is working on a commission basis, [...]

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PPI Claims: Be Concerned You Might Have Been Mis Sold

claim back ppi

There are a lot of things which you could have done about saving yourself from having a mis sold PPI. But when it happens, it happens and so the only consolation that you could do to yourself is to making PPI claims. Logically speaking, a Payment Protection Insurance is a legal service. The only problem [...]

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