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Study Shows Meaty Diets Could Actually Kill

Bodybuilders and athletes value high protein diets because it helps them develop muscle and strength, but a recent study may debunk the idea that proteins, if used properly, can make you live longer. The study, which involved 6,381 individuals above 50 years old, showed that those who consumed lots of milk, eggs and meat are [...]

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Healthy Habits Also Die Hard, According to One Study

When they’re stressed, some people begin eating or indulge themselves in back breaking work. However, a new study finds that when people get stressed or exhausted, going on auto-pilot may cause them to avoid eating and stick with healthier habits. In the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published by the American Psychological Association, five [...]

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What to Make of the Rising Medical Negligence Risk Pool?

It was reported by BBC that the NHS Wales’ medical negligence payouts have doubled over the past three years to a total of £38m, increasing by £18m and this should alarm many UK citizens. The increasing Wales Risk Pool amount is symbolic of taxpayers paying for more expensive medical treatment, but this is not the [...]

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DNA Genetic Mosaic Discovery Disproves Identical DNA Pattern In All Cells


Through the usage of genome sequencing, Dr. Flora Vaccarino, a Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center, and her team discovered that not all DNA in every cell in the body is identical. The study, which serves as a pre-cursor to future plans of studying the developing brains of humans and [...]

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Reducing Water Pollution: The Basic Steps


Earth’s biggest blessing to mankind is a rich supply of resources. With human bodies made of 70% water, every human is dependent Earth’s large supply of water. But industrial and business wastes have polluted much of the bodies of water in the planet nowadays. Conserving water and reducing water pollution is important for the preservation [...]

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