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NASA Currently With 58 Science Instrument Proposals for New Mars Rover

Despite the success of first NASA Mars Rover Curiosity, NASA plans to launch another one in 2020 choosing from one of the 58 proposals for its design and uses. According to NASA, this was double than the number usually submitted for instrument competitions, and that writing these proposals are never easy as these consume time [...]

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Some of the Most Amazing Scientific Discoveries in 2013

Another year ends and scientists rejoice at the discoveries professional researchers have discovered all over the world. Here is a list of the most astounding science discoveries and milestones in 2013. 1. Voyager 1 Reaches Interstellar Space The NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft is the first spacecraft to leave the solar system, which is beyond Pluto. [...]

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Japanese Epsilon Rocket Aims to Make Space Missions Low in Cost

With artificial intelligence and half the size of Japan’s usual space apparatus, the Epsilon rocket launched Saturday only costs £23 million to produce and develop, lowering the cost of Japan’s previous space missions by the same amount. The Epsilon’s first mission was to carry a telescope that would observe local terrestrial planets Venus, Mars, and [...]

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Old NASA Telescope May Become New Asteroid Seeking Device

The old Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer or WISE telescope may get a new lease at life after its 2009 mission as NASA considers reactivating it to find asteroids as an early-warning collision device. During its lifetime, the gigantic telescope had found 150 near-Earth asteroids with 20 on a potential collision course with the planet. WISE [...]

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Galaxy Hunting Space Telescope Shut Down After a Decade

NASA shut down the Galaxy Evolution Explorer spacecraft or GALEX on Friday afternoon after it was loaned to a university operating it with private funding. GALEX had a 10 year career of looking at hundreds of millions of galaxies, which allowed many researchers to understand how the stars evolved over time. According to NASA’s GALEX [...]

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ISS Commander Chris Hadfield Bids Goodbye Singing “Space Oddity”

Charming and charismatic International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield spends the end of his term in the ISS winning the public’s fascination with his tweets and posts on Tumblr including photos of outer space scenery, the sun in outer space and other lack-of-gravity related posts. At the end of his tenure, he makes a tribute [...]

Dennis Tito Unveils Plans for Private Mars Voyage Today

Dennis Tito, an American businessman who visited the International Space Station as one of the few “Space Tourists” in the world, will unveil his plans for a Mars Voyage care of his Inspiration Mars Foundation. His press conference, which would be held at the Washington, D.C.’s national Press Club today, will include the businessman, the [...]

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New Study Suggests Space Travel Can Cause Alzheimer’s


Galactic cosmic radiation can be a great threat to future astronauts as it can increase the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study by M.Kerry O’Banion a professor in the University of Rochester Medical Center in the field of anatomy and neurobiology. As a senior author of the study, the radiation poses a [...]

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Moon Crash Site Named After Sally Ride


Ebb and Flow, the twin spacecraft for a mission to measure the moon’s lumpy gravity field to learn more about its early history and the satellite’s internal composition, was recently put out of commission by NASA after more than a year of orbiting the moon. The twin spacecraft’s crash site on a lunar mountain was [...]

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New Study Seems to Have Resolved the Pioneer Probe Anomaly


Sergei Kopeikin, a physics and astronomy professor in the University of Missouri, might have resolved the Pioneer Probe anomaly that has remained in research limbo for decades. The answer to the numerous questions as to why the probe continuously decelerates as they traveled farther away from the planet earth seems to have been answered by [...]

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