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Study Shows Meaty Diets Could Actually Kill

Bodybuilders and athletes value high protein diets because it helps them develop muscle and strength, but a recent study may debunk the idea that proteins, if used properly, can make you live longer. The study, which involved 6,381 individuals above 50 years old, showed that those who consumed lots of milk, eggs and meat are at risk of dying younger due to cancer or diabetes.

However, the study supports the idea that the harmful effects only come from meat and dairy proteins; those that came from plants, such as legumes, lettuce, and beans, have little harmful effect.

Conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey or NHANES, the study recommends that people should only consume 0.8g of protein daily for every kilogram of their body weight. According to Longevity Institute Director Valter Longo, it is highly recommended that people consume plant-based proteins.

The people included in the survey had consumed 1,823 calories daily with 16% protein in their diet. At least 30% of the proteins came from animal and meat sources.

However, many other dietary experts, such as King’s College London Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Peter Emery, said that the study of protein and diets were not always definite and the NHANES study may not actually be accurate.

According to Reading University Food Nutrition Scientis Gunter Kuhnle, it was likely that the study was wrong to compare the dangers of high protein diets to be as dangerous as cigarette smoking could send ‘mixed signals’ to the public and may even encourage harmful dietary activity, such as smoking because everything they may eat is harmful.


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