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Science, Injuries and Your Right to Earn Compensation

I’ve been working in a cosmetics manufacturing laboratories for ages and I would not forget one incident involving my colleague. She was testing a new shampoo compound from our laboratory. The next day, having accidentally poured some of the untested compound on her fingers, they started to feel pale and dry. Soon, they had blisters.

Sure, the scene might have come from a science-fiction movie beyond my reasoning capabilities of reality, but the development team said that the acid concentrate on the shampoo might have been too high. It is clear at this point that my colleague had not taken proper care of handling the product, but the development team also admitted they failed to give proper warning during its handling.

However, our top bosses said that because it was a lapse in responsibility for the two sides, the company will only pay for the basic injury compensation. I thought this was unfair. My colleague had her hands damaged and according to her attending medical professional, the risk is high some nerves on her hand may be damaged as it seeped through the epididymis.

I sought the help of a No Win No Fee Adviceline to see if I can figure out the legal aspect of the situation. The claims expert told me that any injury in the workplace is considered a work injury and it deserves compensation. Responsible parties, specifically the development team, will need to pay for pain and suffering and emotional damages. As the development team is involved, this means the employers must pay for her damages.

I fought for my colleagues right to earn compensation because it is unfair to only receive £10,000 in damages when it was actually worse.

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