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iGene’s Digital Autopsy Services Show Great Potential

Instead of severing corpses physically, a less messier and more convenient way for investigators and authorities to investigate corpses would be through scanners and computers. In Singapore, Malaysian businessman Matt Chandran sees the wave of technology as a tool to speed up the justice system of any country. Chandran is confident in digital autopsy, which [...]

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Old NASA Telescope May Become New Asteroid Seeking Device

The old Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer or WISE telescope may get a new lease at life after its 2009 mission as NASA considers reactivating it to find asteroids as an early-warning collision device. During its lifetime, the gigantic telescope had found 150 near-Earth asteroids with 20 on a potential collision course with the planet. WISE [...]

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Galaxy Hunting Space Telescope Shut Down After a Decade

NASA shut down the Galaxy Evolution Explorer spacecraft or GALEX on Friday afternoon after it was loaned to a university operating it with private funding. GALEX had a 10 year career of looking at hundreds of millions of galaxies, which allowed many researchers to understand how the stars evolved over time. According to NASA’s GALEX [...]

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Healthy Habits Also Die Hard, According to One Study

When they’re stressed, some people begin eating or indulge themselves in back breaking work. However, a new study finds that when people get stressed or exhausted, going on auto-pilot may cause them to avoid eating and stick with healthier habits. In the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published by the American Psychological Association, five [...]

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ISS Commander Chris Hadfield Bids Goodbye Singing “Space Oddity”

Charming and charismatic International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield spends the end of his term in the ISS winning the public’s fascination with his tweets and posts on Tumblr including photos of outer space scenery, the sun in outer space and other lack-of-gravity related posts. At the end of his tenure, he makes a tribute [...]

From 1988 to 2013: The Predictions That Came True

The Los Angeles Times Magazine published an article about their outlook of LA’s future by the year 2013. A renowned professor of USC, Jerry Lockenour is using the articles of the periodical dated in 1988 to teach in a graduate engineering class. The magazine issue, which was labelled a “special report” by Nicole Yorkin of [...]

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New Whiplash Compensation Guidelines For 2014

Car-Accident (1)

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged that the UK government will aid the insurance industry in cracking down fraudulent whiplash compensation claims all over the country, which has pushed up premiums by 80% since October, adding £118 to every motorist’s insurance. With the insurance industry, losing £2 billion, the Ministry of Justice plans to abolish the [...]

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Dennis Tito Unveils Plans for Private Mars Voyage Today

Dennis Tito, an American businessman who visited the International Space Station as one of the few “Space Tourists” in the world, will unveil his plans for a Mars Voyage care of his Inspiration Mars Foundation. His press conference, which would be held at the Washington, D.C.’s national Press Club today, will include the businessman, the [...]

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The PPI Claims Deadline: The Good and The Bad

Just before deadline

Undeniably, the hottest issue in the UK today is what will happen if the Financial Services Authority (FSA) considered finalizing the PPI claims deadline on April 2014. Consumer groups and critics flared the city watchdog for considering the deadline proposal of both the British Banking Association (BBA) and the Confederation of British Industries (CBI). Critics [...]

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What to Make of the Rising Medical Negligence Risk Pool?

It was reported by BBC that the NHS Wales’ medical negligence payouts have doubled over the past three years to a total of £38m, increasing by £18m and this should alarm many UK citizens. The increasing Wales Risk Pool amount is symbolic of taxpayers paying for more expensive medical treatment, but this is not the [...]

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