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NASA Currently With 58 Science Instrument Proposals for New Mars Rover

Despite the success of first NASA Mars Rover Curiosity, NASA plans to launch another one in 2020 choosing from one of the 58 proposals for its design and uses. According to NASA, this was double than the number usually submitted for instrument competitions, and that writing these proposals are never easy as these consume time with technical details.

NASA collected more than 58 proposals from the world’s science and technical community and according to NASA Associate Administrator for Science, are humbled by the support and enthusiasm of the world for the unique missions that lie ahead.

NASA plans to choose one from the 58 proposals by the next five months. However, its design and uses will still be based on Curiosity. Curiosity launched with a mission to prove that life could exist in Mars by collecting evidence and testing them with its systematic on-board experimental equipment. It had proven that life could exist in the Yellowknife bay billions of years ago.

The Mars 2020 Rover will help collect more evidence and will look for natural resources that can help sustain an outpost on Mars and collect information regarding human risks and threats in the red planet.

Established technology will ensure that the new rover will be less than the price of Curiosity to build, which had a previous tag of $2.5 billion. NASA estimates that they would only need around $1.5 billion to build the new Mars 2020 Rover.


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