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The Financial Ombudsman Gets Record PPI Complaint Numbers

The PPI claims scandal actually increased to record heights during the first quarter of 2013 with over 327,000 new complaints, 15% than the previous year. In the second quarter, the Financial Ombudsman reported that it received at least 226,000 PPI complaints, 26% above the previous year’s number of complaints. This signified that banks and financial [...]

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How to Work Effectively With a PPI Claims Expert?

UK Money

Most claims management companies know that you could make a payment protection insurance claim on your own, but there are cases where you will need expert help to make best of the situation. are fantastic at handling multiple claims simultaneously, when your insurance policy’s repayments for more than six years were written off or [...]

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PPI Claiming Made Simple By Consumer Group

PPI Claims Made Simple

Which?, the consumer group who first discovered the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, has confirmed that banks and PPI providers have agreed to let customers directly make a claim to their establishments. The PPI claims process was made simple as Which? and other groups believed the PPI claims process to be unnecessarily complicated. The Financial [...]

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