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Declining Natural Science Can Become Trouble for Society

According to University of Washington Professor and WWF International scientist Joshua Tewksbury, support for natural history, both private and government, is lacking. Natural history, which studies the habitat, behaviour and ecosystem of organisms, appears to be in steep decline in many developed countries, according to Tewksbury. He, along with 16 other North American scientists have [...]

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The Mayan Calendar: How Modern Mayans Actually Saw Their Calendar To Be


Modern Mayans still exist in the world today and as the Mayan calendar came to an end on December 21, many of them did not believe in end of the world, the coming of a deity or calamities erupting everywhere. The new, modernized Mayans, such as spiritual master Ollin Yolotzin who leads the Aztec ritual [...]

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Moon Crash Site Named After Sally Ride


Ebb and Flow, the twin spacecraft for a mission to measure the moon’s lumpy gravity field to learn more about its early history and the satellite’s internal composition, was recently put out of commission by NASA after more than a year of orbiting the moon. The twin spacecraft’s crash site on a lunar mountain was [...]

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Flickering Advanced Stone Age Technologies Show Historical Modern Human Evolution


Researchers working at the south coast of South Africa uncovered evidence for an advanced stone age technology that is around 71,000 years old at Pinnacle Point near the Mossel Bay. The weapon’s development allowed projectiles to be catapulted at great distance with minimal danger and greater killing power. More than the development of the weapon, [...]

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