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NASA Currently With 58 Science Instrument Proposals for New Mars Rover

Despite the success of first NASA Mars Rover Curiosity, NASA plans to launch another one in 2020 choosing from one of the 58 proposals for its design and uses. According to NASA, this was double than the number usually submitted for instrument competitions, and that writing these proposals are never easy as these consume time [...]

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Old NASA Telescope May Become New Asteroid Seeking Device

The old Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer or WISE telescope may get a new lease at life after its 2009 mission as NASA considers reactivating it to find asteroids as an early-warning collision device. During its lifetime, the gigantic telescope had found 150 near-Earth asteroids with 20 on a potential collision course with the planet. WISE [...]

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Galaxy Hunting Space Telescope Shut Down After a Decade

NASA shut down the Galaxy Evolution Explorer spacecraft or GALEX on Friday afternoon after it was loaned to a university operating it with private funding. GALEX had a 10 year career of looking at hundreds of millions of galaxies, which allowed many researchers to understand how the stars evolved over time. According to NASA’s GALEX [...]

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Dennis Tito Unveils Plans for Private Mars Voyage Today

Dennis Tito, an American businessman who visited the International Space Station as one of the few “Space Tourists” in the world, will unveil his plans for a Mars Voyage care of his Inspiration Mars Foundation. His press conference, which would be held at the Washington, D.C.’s national Press Club today, will include the businessman, the [...]

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eXtreme Deep Field Photo Shows the Deepest View of the Galaxy Ever Seen


Scientists at NASA who have compiled a “best of” compilation of shots they have collected from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope reveal the farthest view that humanity has of space. The assembled photo taken from a patch at the center of the original Hubble Ultra Deep Field view shows thousands of galaxies from the nearest [...]

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Science and Existence: What Mars Curiosity’s Success Might Mean to Humanity


The science community has made a great feat this year by landing the Mars Curiosity rover successfully into Martian soil. Curiosity is a rover designed to collect samples, observe the climate in Mars and try to find microbiological life forms in the planet, if any. Recently, it has sent images of the Martian terrain as [...]

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The Emerging Possibilities for Light Propulsion


The success of NASA’s Curiosity Rover stunned the entire world after using unmanned means of delivering the exploration rover into the planet Mars unattended for 8 months. While unmanned delivery of robots on the planet was achieved before, carrying a larger load, in the form of the Curiosity Rover, meant utilization of new technologies. One [...]

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