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Dogs Could Possibly Tell More About Owner’s Health

A dog’s physical and emotional dependence on their owner is likely a good sign about the entire well-being of the owner’s health. The obvious signs of irregular feeding schedule, less walks and play, and general unhappy behaviour could mean the owner needs help.

In the UK, scientists have begun to study dog behaviour by use of motion sensors. Newcastle University PH.D. Student Cas Ladha said that the sensors can indicate not only the dog’s movements, but the frequency of the dog’s activities when it is “happy” namely digging, barking and resting idly.

Ladha created a benchmark for what could be considered a “happy” dog and would be pointed out once they finish their study. This will allow them to determine the dog’s attitude and interweave it with the owner’s overall health.

Ladha said that the study will help families know if their elderly family is having difficulty coping with daily life without using intrusive methods such as cameras and assistants in their home. A pet dog will be able to tell how their owner is without being intrusive in the private life of their owners.

The benchmark for the study was determined through the correlation of animal body language. Cameras were also set up to record the dog’s behaviour to aid the development of the benchmark. They identified 17 distinct dog activities, which involves shivering, sniffing, barking and chewing.

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