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From 1988 to 2013: The Predictions That Came True

The Los Angeles Times Magazine published an article about their outlook of LA’s future by the year 2013. A renowned professor of USC, Jerry Lockenour is using the articles of the periodical dated in 1988 to teach in a graduate engineering class.

The magazine issue, which was labelled a “special report” by Nicole Yorkin of the LA Times Magazine, features three main articles and features several articles about fashion, food, interior design, wine and miscellaneous articles that is imagined and set in the year 2013, as the authors perceived from 1988.

Analysts of today said that the article, while “glamorizing”  the futuristic vision of LA in 2013 complete with robots as househelps or pets and new, futuristic musical genres such as “future-rock”, has some predictions that came true.

The 1988 magazine pointed out that by 2013, telecommunication will have evolved to a whole new level, which holds true according to experts. Today, the Internet and new devices allowed people to communicate easily with each other at virtually no cost and transfer of information is easier.

It’s prediction of smarter cars also became true this year. New car models feature computers that help users with global positioning systems as maps, in-car Internet, voice-activated ignition and lockdown and many more.

The magazine’s prediction of Globalization also held true with the help of the Internet. That a multi-cultural society would arise from what was, in 1988, secluded societies and differing cultures. The description of the magazine, in which the homogeny of cultures were blurring the lines of identity, is still disputed by social studies experts and professionals.

Source: LA Times

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