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India’s Government Cuts on Science Causes Great Protest

India’s Eminent Scientist CNR Rao said that he was frustrated with the great cuts the Indian government had allocated for science and research in the country. He called politicians “idiots” for the lower research grants. He spoke about policymakers in his residence at the Indian Institute of Science. The cuts in funding had been approved after he was nominated for the Bharat Ratna award.

He said that the science and research arm of India faces great danger of underdevelopment. The best amount of money the government ever gave researchers only amounted to 20% of the work they are doing. He said that he was frustrated with the government’s lower grant.

Research equipment and other computing devices had been lacking in the country and progress in the different areas of science in the country is slowly dwindling. He said that Indian scientists had the capability to work on cutting edge technologies that would help their country have universities with the ranks of MIT or even CALTECH.

He said that most of the Information Technology graduates hoped to develop their skills in managing and developing networks and other media, but instead they became unhappy employees.

Rao said that if the Indian government invested in science today, the country could become ahead of South Korea and Japan 10-20 years from now. Long term investments and advanced planning will be needed for science, which according to Rao, is highly important for India’s economic future.


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